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November 10, 2015

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Bear Claw Tours' Amazing
1,000 acre Private ATV Trail

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ATVOntario Tourism Initiatives is incorporated as a 'not for profit' alliance.  It was established in 2002 as a public/private initiative between the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) and the 5 founding communities of Elliot Lake, Mattawa, Eastern Ontario (Tweed), Cochrane and Georgian Bay (Parry Sound). In 2008 the community of Haliburton joined ATVOntario and our Eastern Ontario node expanded to include other interests and now operates independently.

Since 2006 ATVOntario is funded solely by its member nodes. It has grown with the addition of the Haliburton ATV Association. Several more communities have expressed interest in the ATVOntario model and are actively pursuing a role in the alliance.

ATVOntario is evolving beyond its original marketing role to include a base for ATV Clubs in Ontario whereby they can participate in the economic development of their community and trails rather than provincial infrastructure and overhead.

ATVOntario operates the Largest ATV Trail System in the Province of Ontario.

The alliance is enacting a community-based model for Shared-Use Trail tourism throughout the province of Ontario. It was published in June 2003 under the title of  "A Development Manual for a Community-based ATV Tourism Product". This manual contains an exhaustive business planning process utilizing 26 templates that lead to the implementation of:

  • Community-based tourism initiatives not Provincial infrastructure.
  • A stimulus for Economic Development. The primary focus being tourism not recreation.
  • Respect for the environment, respect for crown and private land and respect for the public in general and their safety.
  • Shared-use of trails and other community assets.
  • Sound business principles and partnerships linking the Community to the Tourism Industry.
  • Sustainable products.

ATVOntario's goal is to advance the Province of Ontario
as the pre-eminent ATV tourism destination in North America.

ATVOntario welcomes any Ontario communities or ATV partnership opportunities.

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ATVOntario offers over 6,000 kilometres of legal, well-managed trails thanks to our many partnerships with landowners.
Our trail systems are GPS mapped, well signed, insured and offer you worry-free self-guided riding. They are close to fuel, food and accommodation.

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