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November 10, 2015

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Bear Claw Tours' Amazing
1,000 acre Private ATV Trail

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Before you ride your ATV this season check out these safety matters.

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Travel Info
Welcome to the ATVOntario website. This one-stop resource has all the information you need to plan an exciting outdoor adventure in one of our rugged and beautiful ATVOntario Communities.

Ontario Road Map
To obtain an Ontario Road map visit one of our Travel Information Centres (see below) or click here.

Travel Information Centres
Ontario?s Travel Information Centres provide tourist information, brochures and public restroom facilities to visitors and travelers. These friendly, convenient and informative centres are operated by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation.

Call or drop in to a Travel Information Centre for brochures, special-interest publications, maps, and directions.

Call 1-800-ONTARIO (1-800-668-2746) to verify current Ontario travel opportunities. Or visit ontariotravel.netfor a vast listing of tourism experiences in our province.

Weather Conditions
Due to the large amount of geography that Ontario covers, temperatures will vary tremendously from region to region, and even within the specific regions. Ontario?s weather is generally considered continental, with the lowest temperatures being recorded in January and the highest in July.

Northern Ontario in usually colder than Southern Ontario and temperatures are measured in degrees Celsius (?C) with the Fahrenheit (?F) equivalent sometimes added

To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply the ?C by 9, divide by 5 and add 32.

While some establishments and outfitters will accept American currency, it is recommended that visitors to Ontario use Canadian funds. Currency exchange offices offer up-to-date exchange rates and are conveniently located at the U.S./Ontario border and in most Ontario Travel Information Centres.

Good exchange rates can also be found at the currency exchange desks at international airports (Toronto, Ottawa), banks, trust companies and credit unions.

Customs Requirements
If you are a permanent resident of the United States, you won?t need a passport or a visa to enter Canada. You will, however, need proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or landing card.

For more information:

Visit the Canada Border Services Agency web site at:

For general customs information from anywhere in Canada, call toll-free:

If you are calling from outside Canada, dial:
1-(204) 983-3500 or 1-(506) 636-5064 (long distance charges apply)

Ontario Seatbelt Safety Guide
Check out the law in Ontario for drivers and passengers of all ages.

Fishing Licenses and Regulations
If you are a non-resident of Canada, you will require a license to fish in Ontario.

Residents of Ontario, and Canadian residents living outside of the province, also need an Outdoors Card before they can buy their fishing license. Applications for the Outdoors Card and licenses are available at most sporting goods stores, bait and tackle outlets, tourist outfitters, fishing lodges, and at the district offices of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

License fees are comparable to those in most of Canada and the United States. For more detailed information, pick up a copy of the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary available at most Ontario Travel Information Centres.

You can also visit the Ministry of Natural Resources Web site at:

Or contact:
Ministry of Natural Resources
Natural Resources Information Centre
300 Water Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 8M5

(705) 755-2000
(416) 314-2000


ATVOntario offers over 2,000 kilometres of legal, well-managed trails thanks to our many partnerships with landowners.
Our trail systems are GPS mapped, well signed, insured and offer you worry-free self-guided riding. They are close to fuel, food and accommodation.

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